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Dishwasher Repair

At Appliance Repair Services of Concord, our qualified mechanics are ready to repair faulty dishwashers. Dishwasher repair services are important because, in addition to the tedium, water used to wash dishes by hand cannot get nearly as hot and, therefore, cannot get your dishes nearly as clean. For your own wellbeing, give us a call when your dishwasher begins acting up! We’ll come on over and repair it for you. Whether your dishwasher is not running, does not properly fill, overfills, fails to drain, or produces leaks, our dishwasher repair service mechanics are at the ready to help you get that important appliance back up and running the way you intended when you bought it.

Electric Repairs

At Appliance Repair Services of Concord, we understand that many dishwasher issues may stem from faulty electrics. If your dishwasher is not running properly, it is possible there is an electric issue. Please be careful when checking for such things as electric problems are dangerous, particularly when water is part of the equation! It is better to trust our qualified team of mechanics to repair faulty dishwasher electrical components. Given that most dishwashers are hardwired to their respective kitchens as expanded on below, electrical problems can be particularly irksome. We repair controls and motors, water inlet valves, power supplies, among other electronic components. We also repair faulty child lock mechanisms.

Water Filling and Draining Issues

If the dishwasher does not fill properly, it could be an electrical problem as well. Most likely, the problem has something to do with the water inlet valve. Our team of qualified mechanics is well-versed in water inlet valve issues. At Appliance Repair Services of Concord, you might say we value the valve! Draining also has to do with the pressure switch, timer, and selector, all of which our team is qualified to repair. Also, if your dishwasher overflows, the float switch may be the problem. Failure to drain indicates a faulty pump or clogged drain. With such a litany of possibilities, we encourage you to get a hold of us experts so that we can solve the issue for you.

Dishwasher Leak Repair

Filling and draining issues may also cause leaks, which we at Appliance Repair Services of Concord are qualified and prepared to resolve. Essentially, leaks are most often caused by a faulty hose connection or pump seal that you may need one of our mechanics to repair. Leaks can also be caused by faulty doors, door gaskets, or miscalculated door tightness adjustment settings. Don’t worry, we also repair doors!

Hardwiring and Cost

What makes dishwasher repair more finicky than other appliances is that, usually, dishwashers are hardwired to the kitchen in your home or business. This inconvenient little factoid means that repairs require more specified conditions and is generally a more involved job. Yet you need not worry! Your time is valuable, which is why our team is ready and willing to come repair your dishwasher at your convenience. Because of the hardwiring, it is important to get a dishwasher repaired as soon as you notice an issue. Not only are repairs more involved, but installation or replacement is as well. The cost for repairing a hardwired dishwasher is much less than replacing it altogether.


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