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Microwave Repair

The microwave is one of the most useful kitchen appliances. When you’re on the go, busy with work, or need a quick food solution for your household or business, microwaves provide easy, no-mess food solutions, whether for a meal or a quick snack. Let’s not forget those leftovers, either! Microwaves are great for getting the most out of your groceries and cooked meals.  While a full-on meal could take an hour, multiple hours, or all day, microwaves generally get you what you need in just a few minutes. At Appliance Repair Services of Concord, we offer microwave repair services to revitalize your most convenient kitchen appliance. Maybe the turntable isn’t spinning properly, or the door isn’t opening with the button, maybe the food isn’t being zapped in a balanced way or, worse, sends up sparks, or maybe the touchpad isn’t cooperating. If your microwave is acting up in any fashion, give us a call today! As a word of caution, remember that the electric components in microwaves are extremely dangerous. For your safety, you need a qualified mechanic to handle these issues, which is where we come in.


Every microwave needs a functioning, rotating, spinning turntable. The turntable relies on a motor coupler and roller guide. Our qualified mechanics will take a look at what is causing this essential microwave part to not function and thus cause your food to be heated improperly. We can realign the roller to ensure that the turntable spins as it should, or, if it’s a voltage issue, our team can open the coupler to check for damage by conducting a live voltage test.

Faulty Door or Touchpad

Microwave doors have three main components: the open lever, the spring, and the latch. If pushing the usually trusty button does not yield the desired result, any one of these parts may be damaged. However, a more serious problem may require removal of the cover or control panel. Let our qualified mechanics handle this issue as a faulty door may be more serious of a problem than it seems. If the touchpad isn’t working, our qualified mechanics can easily repair or replace it.

Poor Heating

If the food in your microwave isn’t being heated the way it’s supposed to, with one side cooler than other sides or a similar problem, it could be due to a multitude of various issues. It is essential that a microwave’s diode and magnetron are functioning properly. Microwave diodes are two-terminal, nonlinear semiconductors used to generate, mix, detect, and switch microwave signals. We may need to fix or replace your microwave diode. Also, the microwave magnetron is the component that actually generates microwaves in your appliance. Our qualified mechanics need to check all of these possibilities if your microwave is not heating food properly.


Microwave sparks are indicative of a plethora of serious issues. Sparks could mean a shorted or opened high voltage diode or a litany of other potential hardware issues, such as the stirrer belt being damaged. Let our qualified mechanics take a look at this. It is dangerous to try to fix it yourself! Safety first. We can repair the issues causing sparks in a variety of microwaves, including over-the range microwave ovens, countertop microwave ovens, built-in microwave ovens, and microwave oven combination appliances.


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