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Oven and Stove Repair

At Appliance Repair Services of Concord, we know how important ovens and stoves are for running a household. After all, what’s a kitchen without some heat in it? If that flame ever flickers out, or rises too high, give us a call and we will rectify all of your oven and stove problems. Our qualified mechanics have expertise in oven repair and stove repair, covering a variety of ranges as well. We are equipped, prepared, and experienced in repairing all convection types and range brands. Industrial-sized commercial ranges and ovens are also within our area of expertise. Whether for a household or a restaurant, give our mechanics a call today!


Sometimes faulty parts are all that are standing between you and a functioning cooking appliance. As a part of our oven repair services and stove repairs services, whether for gas or electric ovens or stoves/ranges, the mechanics at Appliance Repair Services of Concord offer repair and replacement services for all the essential parts and components of ovens and stoves, including thermostats, gaskets, heating elements, burners, igniters, switches, valves, relays, bake igniters, safety valves, dials, self-cleaning latches, and thermocouples. Whether for burn outs, power failures, or any other type of needed repair, do not hesitate to contact us for all your repair needs.

Common Issues

We always remind our customers that safety comes first and encourage them to seek the help of professionals rather than try to fix the problems themselves. Lingering problems, particularly with major gas and electric cooking appliances, can bring about significant safety hazards. Let us at Appliance Repair Services of Concord fix these issues for you. Common issues include uneven or inadequate heating, non-functioning burners, sparks, defective broilers, sticky doors, erratic temperatures, defective fans that will either not turn on or not turn off, faulty self-cleaning mechanisms, non-functioning range surface elements, and clicking noises. Our team of qualified mechanics are well-suited to repair all of the above problems and more.

Oven Repair

Our team is prepared to handle any oven issue, from common to expert level. For ovens, common problems include finicky doors that won’t open or are stuck closed. Poorly aligned self-cleaning latches and faulty clocks or oven controls are often to blame for this problem. Further, supposedly self-cleaning oven appliances may fail to do just that due to defective parts. When the oven fails to bake, or the broiler fails to properly function, our mechanics will look at the igniters and valves to find the problem. The causes of poorly heated or non-heating ovens are often a mystery, but our customers should have no doubt that our team can get to the bottom of the problem and repair it; the same goes for ovens which produce unpredictable temperatures.

Stove Top and Range Repair

Appliance Repair Services of Concord mechanics can fix a variety of stove tops and ranges, including duel fuel ranges, gas ranges, and induction ranges; freestanding, slide-in, and double electric ranges. We can repair defective burners by determining the origin of the problem, whether it is the burner itself, the receptacle, or the switch. Sometimes the settings don’t align properly, in which case the burner either gets too hot or never heats up high enough. This is often due to a bad switch but can also be caused by a litany of other, more complicated problems. In any case, whether its for a household or a commercial setting, Appliance Repair Services of Concord’s mechanics can give you peace of mind and get the fire back in your cooking appliances.


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