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Refrigerator Repair

What is a kitchen without a reliable, functioning refrigerator? Let’s take a minute to appreciate all that refrigeration technology gives us: ice cream, smoothies, cold pizza for breakfast. Those essentials aside, the refrigerator is important because it keeps our food from rotting. It saves lives, though it’s easy to take for granted. At Appliance Repair Services of Concord, we offer reliable refrigerator repair services, so you can continue taking it for granted. We understand what it’s like to not have a refrigerator in your home or business. We want to help you keep your cool with cool food. We can repair any type of refrigerator and component, whether thermostats, icemakers, cold controls, doors, condensers, compressors, fans, valves – you name it, we fix it!

Door, Leak, and Thermostat Repair

A collection of frosted over particles or leaks may reveal a faulty door or thermostat. Call our qualified mechanics to take a look as the spacer or gasket may need replacing. Whether inside or outside the refrigerator unit, leaks are indicative of bigger problems, such as faulty evaporator coils. Additionally, a good refrigerator needs a good thermostat. Without being able to accurately tell the temperature, a refrigerator may utilize overly cold temperatures, freezing your food rather than just maintaining it. It may also over-freeze freezer items, spoiling food that is intended to keep for a longer duration. You don’t want to cook food that has undergone freezer burn, after all.

Icemaker and Freezer Compartment Repair

Speaking of freezers, our qualified and professional staff at Appliance Repair Services of Concord repair both refrigerator and freezer components. Having a fully-functional icemaker is important because a faulty one may produce dirty ice that will make you sick. Less than efficient cooling or over cooling are serious problems in a freezer. On the flip side, having under cooled ice may cause leaks or, simply, not produce the ice that your investment intended to produce. While the refrigerator is essential for convenience and storage, the freezer is more important for longer-term meal plans. Both need to be functioning at high capacity. We can repair your icemaker and defrost your timer to make sure your freezer does what it’s supposed to do.

Refrigerator Motor and Compressor Repair

Your refrigerator may be running, but it sure is huffing and puffing loudly! A broken or faulty refrigerator motor may make loud noises. Such noises shouldn’t be ignored, and our team would be happy to investigate the issue. Other issues may include excess frost, condensation, or insufficient cooling. As for refrigerator compressors, they may still seem to work while not actually producing sufficient cool air to genuinely refrigerate or freeze the contents inside your refrigerator or freezer.


It is important not to overdo it yourself when such an important investment and staple of your home or business such as a refrigerator needs repairs. Our professional refrigerator repair mechanics are happy to consult with you before undergoing needed repairs. Please keep in mind that stalling on a needed repair will only make the problem worse and increase the chances that you will need to replace this important piece of sophisticated machinery. If you notice any problem with your refrigerator, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!


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