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Washer and Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers are important appliances and household investments. Did you know clothes used to be washed using sand, rocks, or sticks? The entire point of investing in washers and dryers is to make the process of washing and drying clothes easier, faster, more effective, more efficient, and more convenient. None of these things are accomplished when either your washer or dryer are acting up. At Appliance Repair Services of Concord, our qualified mechanics are standing by to assist you in getting these expensive conveniences back on track. We do pump, drain, vent, belt, blower, heat sensor, pressure switch, electric heater, gas valve, solenoid, hot surface ignitor, fuse, timer, electronic control, thermostat, seal, gasket, drain, hose, and coupler repairs and replacements. Don’t hesitate to call us today! We also provide important routine washer and dryer maintenance services.

General Washer Repair

Appliance Repair Services of Concord can repair your washing machine whether it is not properly draining, spinning, turning on, or generally not washing your clothes effectively. We can repair top loading washing machines, front loading washing machines, combination washer and dryer units, and compact washing machines. We are qualified and eager to repair or replace all general washer appliance parts, such as belts, timers, pumps, hoses, lid switches, lid plungers, pressure switches, agitator assemblies, drive spindles, wigwag plungers/lifters, transmission mode levers, transmissions, solenoids, and damper/snubber pads.

Specific Washer Repair

Washers can exhibit a multitude of different issues requiring repair. If it won’t turn on, it may be caused by faulty timer circuitry; a faulty lid switch, lid plunger, burned out spin solenoid, broken wires, or a faulty drive belt may cause a washer to stop spinning. Our mechanics are qualified to diagnose and repair such problems, as well as issues such as excessive vibration, leaks, improper draining, lack of cold water, and your washer leaving spots or soap on your clothes.

General Dryer Repair

In addition to raising the electric bill, faulty dryers interrupt a family’s modern, on-the-go life needs. At Appliance Repair Services of Concord, we repair both gas and electric dryers. Many faulty dryers have problems with the main component called a tumbler, the rotating section where you put your just-washed clothes. The tumbler’s purpose is to evaporate the moisture on the newly washed clothes to dry them quickly; air is pushed through the ventilation system and dry air is brought in. While many faulty dryers are caused by faulty tumblers, the problem could also be caused by something else. Our team is ready to handle any dryer problem. We can also clean your dryer vents. Also keep in mind specialized venting is required for gas dryers, which our mechanics are prepared to handle safely.

Specific Dryer Repairs

Aside from the tumbler, faulty dryers may have several other issues. The following parts may need to be replaced: motors, timers, heating coils, belts, rollers, idler pulleys, temperature switches, general switches, and fuses. Specifically, when a dryer won’t run at all, it could mean a circuit breaker has broken down. For your own safety we encourage you to consult our professional team rather than trying to deal with this potentially dangerous issue yourself. We will also check to see if the thermostat, terminal block, and start switch are damaged and in need of replacement or repair. If your dryer isn’t producing any heat, this could be due to a faulty temperature switch, thermostat, or heating coil. Similar faulty components could also need to an overheated dryer, the most dangerous of the above issues. If your dryer shows any of these symptoms, please get a hold of our mechanics right away.


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